Ep 22: The fall of abusive power, the rise of female empowerment

Maxwell, Alyssa, and Christian delve into the #metoo movement, and chat about those in the creative arts that use their power to abuse and control others. Being judged is a huge part of being in the media world, so they raise the questions necessary to challenge oneself and think about how they would react to a friend or colleague being accused of sexual assault, being judged for your own personal choices or career paths, or being involved in organizations that another might not agree with.

Ep 21: On the internet, no one knows you're a giraffe posing as a stock broker

Advancements in media technology have made us a powerful species, but with all great power always comes side effects that can create war, conflict, accidents, and a strange culture centered around selfies and cat fishing. Maxwell asks Christian and Alyssa to reveal the apps they have on their phones home pages as they delve into the world of social media and the technology that helped make it possible. Are we going down the right path? Are we obsessed with this new tech, and is it foolish not to join the rest of our culture by refusing to use this tech? Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into these big questions.

Ep 20: A phoenix from the ashes of a fire he didn't ask for

Maxwell, Alyssa, and Christian discuss what exactly makes a "perfect life" as members of the professional media can sometimes portray a more skewed view of their lives. Maxwell fully opens up after 7 years of being on heavy and damaging medication and his struggle with mental and physical health that ultimately strengthened his abilities and career but almost ended with life threatening experiences

Ep 16: the Moose is Loose

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa do reviews of the infamous vocal ASMR. Which just so happens to be people quietly speaking into a microphone for auditory sensory pleasure. They also discuss their fears of large animals such as moose, bears, and Canadians lack of reactions to both. 

Ep 14: Part of me loves you, part of me hates you

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa discuss the power of the audience when it comes to different forms of media and how being public figures and broadcasters can influence  how large groups of people can feel about us and how it affects us emotionally and in our careers. The famous love VS hate relationship that artists have with their audience is also discussed. 

Ep 12: Buonanotte Amore Mio

Maxwell hits the mic solo in this episode to talk about the recent passing of his beloved grandmother, Angelina Vasapolli. He discuss's his most cherished memories with her, his friends and families favorite stories about her, and the love Angelina felt for everyone around her which impacted so many lives by the time she passed away at age 99.

Ep 11: All About the Gung Ho, a Sudden Storm

Maxwell, Alyssa, and Christian discuss the severe storm that come to the east coast this week that included multiple tornadoes. They talk about what they'd say to their younger selves, Christian and Alyssa's worst childhood friends, and what it's like being broadcasters after knowing what they wanted to be since childhood. 

Ep 9: the Morning Jocks VS. the Night Jock

Maxwell and Christian bring on the newest addition to the cast, Alyssa AKA "Pebbles" who's incredible broadcasting talent has led her to being a top morning show personality. She talks about growing up in CT and creating a community with her listeners as well as family, friends, relationships, and her career in communications. 

Ep 8: A Date to End All Dates

Maxwell talks about his recent gaming endeavors and Christian talks about his relationship that uses compromise before consequence to help keep things moving. Maxwell talks about his past relationships that he deemed were like "Fire and Gasoline"