Ep 25: Acacia Rogers Art "Paint me like one of your happy little tree's"

Artist Acacia Rogers is on the podcast with Maxwell and Alyssa to chat about the Facebook algorithms that create an "Echo Chamber" that echoes your favorite content back to you, her career as a painter and how she reacts to people forming opinions about her art in galleries, and the art of "perception" in media that's caused formerly peaceful relationships between loved ones to become heated. Acacia details some of her favorite techniques in painting as well as creating new profiles on social media to have more control over her online presence. You can check out Acacia's work and even commission her for pieces by checking out her info below. 

Website- AcaciaRogers.wix.com/Artist

Facebook- Acacia Rogers Art

Instagram- @AcaciaRogersArt

Youtube- (name) Acacia Rogers Art