Ep 61: "Alabama the Movie: Abort Mission" A film based on a true story with special guest Jim Lauber

Shameless old men who have no problem walking around the locker room naked, the extremely controversial new abortion ban in Alabama, almost getting arrested for accidentally using the wrong bathroom in high school and meeting what could be your potential future wife the same day in the same moment. Just a typical Tuesday for the crew, this time with special guest: broadcaster and voice actor Jim Lauber who weigh’s in on proper bathroom etiquette and odd habits like going with the lights completely off or fancy casino bathrooms.

Ep 60: STD tests no longer needed for millennials, just ask if someones been to Coachella recently

Instagram influencers, a canceled Woodstock, and a Herpes outbreak at Coachella all describe the absolutely wild year of 2019. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of pop culture for their generation including the birth of the famed “influencer” and Alyssa’s desire to become one herself. Christian’s desire to just stay at home in bed and watch a concert from home, and Maxwell’s love of the internet bringing stories like a wild bobcat attacking random golfers on a sunny afternoon to the public.

Ep 59: Morticia Raddams "Bury me like one of your French girls, right after this bout"

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa have on Roller Derby Athlete/Funeral Director Morticia Raddams from CT Roller Derby team Yankee Brutals. She discusses the job of being a funeral director, what it’s like to have to cremate somebody (including the fact you get to be cremated with your clothes on, who knew?) Christians top 10 playlist of bangers to be played during his cremation, and how she got into Roller Derby in CT plus details on her upcoming game on May 11th. She also discusses the game itself, the players, and the epic nicknames you get for kicking ass on roller skates.

Ep 57: Congrats on getting older! Here are some lower back problems, debt, and a Stop and Shop Strike

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the harsh world they were born into. From worsening medical problems to student loan debt that can never be paid off to fear of having job security, the problems are endless for everyone and seem to be getting worse and worse. Being a millennial isn’t easy, as prices for even the necessity’s skyrocket everyday and become more and more unattainable to even someone who works full time. They also weigh in on the Stop and Shop strike and how it ties in to the issues of the modern age.

Ep 56: Vintage N' Vibe "Song first, show second, absolutely killing it third."

Fashion Designer and Stylist Vintage N’ Vibe came on the show to talk about her incredible career including stories about designing clothing for a Chicago Bulls players family, how she cultivates the “vibe” of her fashion shows, and even her process for how she creates each incredible piece. She details some of the best behind the scenes stories that you never know about at fashion shows and her rise to success in her industry.

Ep 55: Millennials are paying for health insurance with a sweater made from their tears

In a world with sky high health insurance costs, it’s no wonder millennials are having less kids, wrapping themselves in bubble wrap and blankets, and avoiding the ER even if they cut off a finger and adopting the “I’ll walk it off” attitude. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of medical insurance, as 3 millennials themselves with growing health concerns, weird spots they find on themselves and frequent emergency situations they understand what it’s like to live in the nightmare that is the 2019 medical insurance climate. They share their wildest medical stories, confusing aspects of how to go about the process and even some helpful tips for fellow millennials on getting cheap health care.

Ep 54: Christians 3 point cheese challenge fantasy with his newborn baby proves he probably isn't ready for children

These internet challenges have become a viral sensation that’s sweeping the nation, and by sweeping the nation we mean that idiots are eating tide pods and for some reason think “Planking” is cool. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the chaotic world of viral internet challenges. Christian is obsessed with one in particular, the cheese challenge where you throw a piece of cheese at your baby (this is why aliens don’t talk to us) he details the fantasy he has of doing a basketball type 3 point cheese shot on his newborn, and Maxwell and Alyssa aren’t so sure he should have children.

Ep 53: Emmy Award Winner Wayne Edwards "Witnessing the Malice at the Palace and the 3 minute end of racism"

Award winning professor, producer, and all around charmer Wayne Edwards hops on board for the second episode to tell some of the wildest stories he’s ever witnessed. The Malice at the Palace where an entire stadium broke out into a brawl was a game being produced by Wayne, and witnessing this shocking event is now apart of Waynes list of stories including watching insane waitresses cut people with broken glass in the south, the day after getting let go from a 15 year run with ESPN, and his incredible and impactful legacy as a professor and producer for the very best in Connecticut.

Ep 52: Emmy Award Winner Wayne Edwards "We called you in here cuz you're too impressive, get out."

Wayne Edwards is our guest on this weeks episode. Emmy award winner, professor, and media pro are just a few things to describe our wonderful, talented, and brilliant guest. Wayne tells his best stories from his career at the mega sports broadcasting station ESPN including seeing a manager beat the shit out of a employee at a hotel, making broadcasts seen by literally millions of viewers and the “pre war” speech he did before each broadcast, how he attained his large list of awards and some inspiration for young media pros looking to delve into the industry.

Ep 51: LIVE from R Kelly's jail cell, it's an A cappella rendition of Trapped in the Closet!

R Kelly and Michael Jackson are examples of celebrity titans that everyone has heard of. Some love their music, some love them enough to stalk them, and some love them so much they deny even the idea that either of these big time musicians have done any harm. But with R Kelly’s recent freakout on television and “Finding Neverland” showing the potential darker side to Michael Jacksons story some wonder if they really are monsters. Maxwell, Alyssa, and Christian delve into the darker side of celebrity giants who are accused of controversial and nasty crimes. Alyssa doesn’t hold back as she showcases every bit of her opinion and perspective, no matter how extreme.

Ep 50: Rating Al Gore's hair in an elementary school assignment sets the tone for a very weird life

We all love to rate our favorite movies, music, tv shows, and now presidents because its a past time that lets us pass the time. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the 45 presidents of the United States and rate them from their insane hairstyle that could pin them a crazy person in modern day, what they did in office (saving kittens from a tree or helping the economy is a big plus) and the very worst behaviors or decisions they made that led to war, poverty, or not wearing a jacket to a swearing in ceremony when it was cold. Christian impresses the crew with his insanely in depth knowledge of the presidents, Maxwell and Alyssa are mostly there for commentary.

Ep 49: Rich Money Beatz "The ultimate first date includes Popeyes and Eskimo kisses."

Foxwoods DJ Rich Money Beatz was in studio to talk about the wildest guests he’s ever had at his legendary pool parties, the first date with what would become his future wife including a car breaking down and going to Popeyes, and a celebrity he hosted with that stopped an entire party to go on a contraversial rant. Christian and Alyssa relate to Rich on the weirdness and comfort of couples massages, and Maxwell can’t help but accidentally point out something to the crew that he couldn’t hold in.

Ep 48: Rich Money Beatz "Bringing good vibes, bottomless champagne, and pre fist fight spidey sense"

Foxwoods DJ Rich Money Beatz was in studio with Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa to chat about the wildest parties, fights, and scenes he’s witnessed as a popular New England DJ. He also details his career as a producer, designer, and idea man that helped him see trends before even the most trend savvy professionals. Rich also chat’s about the “vibe” of a venue, and what it’s like to see the result of an amazing party or event.

Ep 47: Maddie Cat "Prize pigs are more organized than organized crime"

Maddie Cat from Cat Country 98.1 (listen to her from 10-3 every day) joins Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa for her second week on the podcast. They discuss what is coined the “prize pig” which is an unfriendly nickname given to people who have greedy tendencies with free prizes and even started their own organized unit to help them gain and sell as many free radio station prizes as possible. They also discuss marijuana legalization, anti anxiety treatments, Maddie’s career in radio and another pathetic attempt at breaking Christians 22 year sobriety streak.

Ep 46: Maddie Cat "Turns out, Nickel back is very popular at strip clubs."

Primetime broadcaster Maddie Cat joins the crew to share her story in the radio world. What is it like being a woman in radio? To have your voice heard? and why would any strip club play nickel back songs when the dancers are doing their thing on stage? Who goes to a place like that at 7am? All these questions are answered along with Maddie’s craziest stories about creepy listeners, climbing the latter, and creating and building her social media following.

Ep 45: Moving as a millennial is tough, deciding where to "get it on" in your new place is tougher

After years of living with his mother and girlfriend, Christian decides it’s time to move him and his bae into a new place. But it’s the first apartment he’s ever had, and moving can be stressful. Maxwell and Alyssa having lived on their own for years give Christian some decent, but mostly terrible advice on moving, where to buy cheap places, and when to start a meth lab to pay rent.

Ep 44: Danielle Costa "Are these 3 jobs enough to purchase a small ramen noodle?"

Ever feel attacked for just BEING a millennial & existing? Why does being aged 23-35 instantly make you feel like you need 3 jobs just to make rent? Broadcaster Danielle Costa joins Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa in this episode where the crew talks about being harassed throughout life to 'find a real job' and discuss what it takes to get started in the communications industry as a millennial as well as the usual amount of weird like Jeff Bezos strangely robotic sexting habits.

Ep 43: Danielle Costa "Female empowerment, wine, and fruit based nicknames"

Broadcaster Danielle Costa joins Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa on the podcast as this weeks guest. She speaks about her incredible career in radio, the scariest stalker she’s ever had, her name change to “orange costa” and what it’s like to try and empower fellow women in a career field with an already toxic environment. Maxwell tells the story he accidentally scared people in a garage, Christian details why prejudice never seems to effect men, and Alyssa talks about her introduction into the business and how competitive it can be.

Ep 42: the war on drugs failed and now community colleges build dorms and have escorts deliver pizza

It’s 2019, so time for Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa to share their wildest college stories. Christian see’s a man eat peanut butter and pot and have an almost deathly allergic reaction to peanut butter, Alyssa is not the positive one for once and hated her university experience, and Maxwell details the worst, weirdest, and wildest stories form the community college he went to that for some reason built dorms. Including the story of the student with rich parents who would order escorts and pay them extra to also deliver pizza.