Ep 43: Danielle Costa "Female empowerment, wine, and fruit based nicknames"

Broadcaster Danielle Costa joins Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa on the podcast as this weeks guest. She speaks about her incredible career in radio, the scariest stalker she’s ever had, her name change to “orange costa” and what it’s like to try and empower fellow women in a career field with an already toxic environment. Maxwell tells the story he accidentally scared people in a garage, Christian details why prejudice never seems to effect men, and Alyssa talks about her introduction into the business and how competitive it can be.

Ep 42: the war on drugs failed and now community colleges build dorms and have escorts deliver pizza

It’s 2019, so time for Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa to share their wildest college stories. Christian see’s a man eat peanut butter and pot and have an almost deathly allergic reaction to peanut butter, Alyssa is not the positive one for once and hated her university experience, and Maxwell details the worst, weirdest, and wildest stories form the community college he went to that for some reason built dorms. Including the story of the student with rich parents who would order escorts and pay them extra to also deliver pizza.

Ep 41: 2018, a year of growth, love, and still not knowing who the hell these mumble rappers are

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the year of 2018 as the recap the very best, the very worst, and the very weird of their own lives and the world around them. How did they grow, how did this whole podcast all start, and why does Maxwell still not know who Tekashi 69 is or even care? Christian discuss’s his big plans about moving into a new apartment with his girlfriend, Alyssa has huge goals for her home, family, and career. Plus Maxwell finally decides he’s on a path of true passion and how he wants to continue in a career that changes lives and moves mountains in 2019. They also discuss their “Shook” moments of 2018 where their world was rocked in a good or bad way.

Ep 40: "I regret everything" is a phrase brought to you by Millennials

With all the regrets that Millellianls have, it’s no wonder that Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa have their fair share of regrets themselves. As 2018 draws to a close they go over their biggest regrets in life in case the apocalypse comes in 2019 and the crazy people were right. Christian regrets shaving his facial hair as he saw himself as “A Fat Toddler” Alyssa creates a list, and Maxwell has had so many missed connections that he’s convinced he even met his future wife at Stop and Shop and never made a move.

Ep 39: Kids out here smoking termites and punching bears

People think bath salts are bad, now people are going insane on drugs like “Flakka”. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of new synthetic drugs that keep popping up somehow. Maxwell remembers when kids in NH were grinding up and smoking termites for their psychedelic effects, Christian has seen people eating off other peoples faces on bath salts, and Alyssa doesn’t understand why people can’t just have some wine and call it a night.

Ep 38: Even in virtual reality, Maxwell's love life would still probably suck

Maxwell has had so many missed connections, bad dates, messed up relationships, and awkward encounters with ex’s he’s convinced that he’ll die alone or have to resort to virtual reality relationships which will probably still fall through. Alyssa and Christian interview him on his worst Tinder date ever, which involved the whitest vanilla dude Maxwell ever met, meeting strangers, setting off smoke bombs, and filming a fake car accident.

Ep 37: Not every church is playing bangers

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of Church music and the culture surrounding it, thinking that maybe they should combine Ice Cube and Joel Olsteen for a concert nobody would ever forget and create a true church “banger”. Maxwell tells the story of how his father tried convincing a priest to let him write something for his grandmothers funeral by using Eastern MA bargaining tactics with a thick Boston accent, Christian weaves the tale of seeing a southern Baptist church with the energy of a Led Zeppelin concert, and Alyssa shares her experience with her childhood church and a loving, caring community.

Ep 36: Not a politics podcast, but maybe just the tip

3 hosts, and two didn’t vote. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa all plead their case to why they did or didn’t vote in the most recent elections. Is voting becoming more a “fad” that people do just to fit in, or are they truly doing it because of a sense of pride in their countries democracy? They also discuss the recent spike in voting popularity and their love or annoyance at social media constantly bombarding everyone with advertisements on voting.

Ep 35: Always pre-game before the Museum of Science

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa love to ask each other the weirdest questions they can think of. Things like “What’s the best profession to sleep with for free stuff?” or “What’s the craziest thing a stranger has ever said to you?” or “Why the hell would you pre-game before going to a science museum?” The answers are less obvious than you think, and when 3 millennial broadcasters get together they have no problems asking each other pretty much anything in this episode.

Ep 33: The bots are taking over, and they mostly want to write Olive Garden commercials

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the scripts that are famously written and posted on twitter written by a bot that was forced to watch 1000 hours of content. They act out scripts for Olive garden, Guy Fieri, Saw Movies, iCarly, and even Bob Ross. It gets weird real quick. Plus, Maxwell tries to do a bit that ended up in him almost forgetting his co hosts names much to his own embarrassment.

Ep 31: Acacia Rogers Art "Fast track to an art career, a selfless donation, and the Kool aid man's biology"

Acacia Rogers Art is on the podcast to discuss her incredible art career which started from her getting fired from her retail job. Acacia also details the story with Maxwell on how she came to find out she was a match to become a kidney donor for a woman who was in desperate need of a new Kidney and the fate that brought them all together. Check out her go fund me page below and donate to the cause!


Ep 30: The spooky man in the top hat who haunts my dreams and built my house

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of lucid dreams, haunting stories, and a fear of Velociraptors. Alyssa kicks off the episode talking about her old house she just bought with her husband and the legend of the man in the top hat who apparently built the house itself and is seen in a painting hanging on the wall of the living room. Maxwell talks about his nightmares and dreams that helped him predict his future, Christian talks about his love of napping and how it’s effected his sleep cycle.

Ep 29: It's the end of the world and all I want to do is quote Spongebob and drink pumpkin spice lattes (RIP Stephen Hillenburg)

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of conspiracy theories, including the dozens that have come out saying the world is going to end. The magic hour crew asks themselves what they would do if they really did have a couple days left on earth or even 24 hours and how annoying everyday tasks would be knowing your days are numbered, some end days activities include grocery shopping, drinking, and sitting around quoting your favorite Sponge bob episodes.

Ep 28: The worst pickup lines are still not as weird as Maxwell's finger nibbling date

Maxwell, Christian and Alyssa delve into the world of the worst pickup lines ever written, and try to make them sound as sexy as possible. Alyssa talks about the first time she ever met her husband which sounds like a story straight out of a fairy tale. Maxwell get’s grilled by Alyssa and Christian over his incredibly stranger dating habits in high school, particularly one date he had as a sophomore.

Ep 26: A career with microphones proves that you can wear that same Led Zeppelin shirt for 3 days straight

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa all make a living with their voices, so they discuss some of the weirdest parts of their job. Maxwell talks about voice actors going on strike because of bleeding vocal chords, Christian talks about using his girlfriends work gossip as good content, and Alyssa talks about doing performances on a mic for her parents as a little girl.

Ep 25: Acacia Rogers Art "Paint me like one of your happy little tree's"

Artist Acacia Rogers is on the podcast with Maxwell and Alyssa to chat about the Facebook algorithms that create an "Echo Chamber" that echoes your favorite content back to you, her career as a painter and how she reacts to people forming opinions about her art in galleries, and the art of "perception" in media that's caused formerly peaceful relationships between loved ones to become heated. Acacia details some of her favorite techniques in painting as well as creating new profiles on social media to have more control over her online presence. You can check out Acacia's work and even commission her for pieces by checking out her info below. 

Website- AcaciaRogers.wix.com/Artist

Facebook- Acacia Rogers Art

Instagram- @AcaciaRogersArt

Youtube- (name) Acacia Rogers Art



Ep 24: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Skirt-Skirt

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into different high pressure everyday scenarios and how they'd react being public figures like being cut in line, cutting off 6 rows of traffic in NYC, and calming down before trying to fight someone at a grocery store. Maxwell proposes a new show where he plays an overly polite Cash Cab driver who only accepts Canadian money in America and Alyssa acts as a "one person only" laugh track for a show where Christian and his girlfriend do impressions of each other.