Ep 77: The adrenaline fueled race to Vermont that got Christian detained is a legend that few know

Maxwell and Alyssa are at the edge of their seats as Christian details his story of almost getting arrested for going over the speed limit by an extremely illegal amount and tries not to piss off the cop by doing a comedy bit. Maxwell and Alyssa detail their own tales of running into trouble on the road like Alyssa almost getting lost in the middle of nowhere and Maxwell faking a personality with his college roommate in the trunk of the car who was hiding in order to avoid a fight.

Ep 76: Put your hands in the air, praise the lord, and enjoy the ride

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa discover one of the most amazing things they’ve ever heard: a church trying to relate to young people by putting an amusement park inside the cathedral. You read that right. They delve into the world of religion and no topic is safe when it comes to this church in Europe trying to appeal to a younger crowd with slides and ball pits to help you praise the lord while having a little bit of fun.

Ep 75: Tiny houses, big dreams, infinite potential bathrooms

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the ever popular “Tiny Homes” fad that’s been big on the internet lately. But some questions arise that haven’t been asked much before, for example: Do you just use the forest as your bathroom? How long can you last with a partner in close quarters before you murder each other? Why do these things even exist? And who the hell wants to watch TV, brush their teeth, and do normal things in a house the size of a living room?

Ep 74: Committing fraud in space to spite your estranged wife keeps the relationship interesting

Some incredibly wild stories have come out of the year 2019 and it’s not over yet. “Decorated NASA astronaut Anne McClain allegedly hacked into her wife’s bank account from space — over a nasty custody battle happening down on earth, her estranged spouse said in an interview published Monday.” That’s not something you hear everyday. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of space related issues, including space sex (obviously), spiting your ex using a NASA computer, death by empty vacuum outside of earth and more.

Ep 71: We're not in Kansas anymore, we're in Buffalo country and that's not the LSD talking

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa all talk about a vacation so long, so relaxing, and so Buffalo filled it might as well been called rehab. Christian travels to Kansas with his girlfriend to her home town for almost two weeks and describes his detailed (and unexpectedly wild) quest to find the famed and feared buffalo in a story that almost seems like an “Alice in Wonderland” type fantasy.

Ep 70: Vongs "Name of a greek goddess, Instagram of an influencer"

Special guest VONGS comes on the podcast to chat about her rise to “Insta” stardom and the start of her career as an influencer. She details the story of how Fashion Nova reached out to her and asked her to feature their clothing, famous athletes sliding into her DM’s, an inspirational message for women when it comes to body image, creepy photographers and random dudes sending even creepier requests, teaching Alyssa about the influencer community and her excitement about what the future holds.

Ep 69: Dudes will risk getting destroyed by a tank to tap some alien ass

The Area 51 event on Facebook where people will “Naruto run” towards the extremely secure air force base to “see dem aliens” now has millions of hits, and Maxwell, Christian and Alyssa are loving every last second of it. The crew delves into what they would offer the first person who brings an alien on the podcast including sponsorships, free mugs and even weird sexual favors. They discuss what they would go through to see the aliens themselves, how dangerous the base actually is, how many people will show up and the fact that the memes are pure gold. They also delve into the world of the extraterrestrials themselves and guess what they look like, right down to what Christian calls their “garbleflob”.

Ep 68: A fairytale date includes Pulp Fiction, sniffing body parts, being underdressed and old radio dudes

Maxwell, Christian and Alyssa delve into Maxwell’s past and pull up one of the most ridiculous date stories of Maxwell’s love life. A girl he meets on tinder brings him on a double date where he dressed in a radio station t shirt at a fancy restaurant, almost throwing up sampling his double dates food, and watching one of the worst scenes possible in the movie Pulp Fiction with his dates family that he had just met.

Ep 67: Antelopes mostly just sound like suburban white dudes who never left their home town

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa go a little buck wild in this episode by performing some ASMR using McDonalds nuggets, updating the audience on the local alleged murder crime that happened locally but is getting national attention, Christian vacationing in Kansas and leaving for a flight 3 hours after they record the episode, and Maxwell going on an incredibly intense rant about his old RI apartment that was in such a bad neighborhood a biker gang would have scheduled fights on Wednesdays at the coffee shop across the street.

Ep 66: Ashley Cavaliere "Spice up your radio career with strippers and ATV's"

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa have on Ashley Cavaliere, a primetime radio personality and voice actress in CT to delve into the world of famous radio topics. Topics range from what you’d let your spouse get away with at their bachelor/bachelorette party, Maxwell revealing that his father was a male stripper before having him, and the craziest things they’ve seen at a beach, wedding, or in their radio careers.

Ep 65: Joe Aguiar "Getting so stoned in Jamaica you have no idea you're being kidnapped."

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa have on broadcaster, podcaster, realtor and educator Joe Aguiar for his second guest spot to talk about his legendarily horrifying story about the time he traveled to Jamaica with his co workers and the famous Glenn Beck, only to get so high he didn’t realize he was being held for ransom until the last second. They also chat about the radio industry and overplayed songs, leaving your magic mushrooms in the car, and Joe blocking out Justin Timberlake during an afterparty.

Ep 64: Ashley Cavaliere "Please stop doing your job well, you're making the rest of us look bad."

Maxwell, Christian and Alyssa have on special guest Ashley Cavaliere this week on the show. They delve into Ashley’s world being a successful primetime broadcaster and voice actress in CT, her rise to fame in the world of the vocals, how someone told her she wasn’t a good “fit” for a job where she did the one main thing you’re supposed to do, and her various friendships she’s cultivated in the voice over world like speaking at national panels and going to voice over conferences. She also speaks on the various types of voice over work she does, like the infamously named “Bitch Read”.

Ep 63: Joe Aguiar "Doing cross fit in the 50s while wearing a fedora"

We put 4 primetime voices, some of the most famous vocal chords in Connecticut in one room together and absolute madness ensued. Guest Joe Aguiar came on the podcast this week to tell some of the most insane stories that Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa had ever heard. His incredible career in radio that led him to being #1 in Hartford, the worst surprise party he ever had thrown for him that led to two guys almost getting in a fist fight over a dead dog, having no memory of Alyssa interning for him almost a decade ago and hooking up with an “off duty” prostitute.

Ep 62: Jim Lauber "Loudly talking and laughing to yourself always puts your neighbors at ease."

Voice Actor, Broadcaster and US veteran Jim Lauber came back on the podcast to chat with Maxwell, Christian and Alyssa about his newest career updates. His new magnificent upgraded studio, recording gigs with Steve Harvey and Ryan Seacrest, and making his neighbors think he’s crazy by practicing his voices out loud in the living room. They all delve into the world of voice overs, radio, and what it was like to not start a career until you’re 30 years old as well as the origins of Alyssa’s famed “sexy voice”.

Ep 61: "Alabama the Movie: Abort Mission" A film based on a true story with special guest Jim Lauber

Shameless old men who have no problem walking around the locker room naked, the extremely controversial new abortion ban in Alabama, almost getting arrested for accidentally using the wrong bathroom in high school and meeting what could be your potential future wife the same day in the same moment. Just a typical Tuesday for the crew, this time with special guest: broadcaster and voice actor Jim Lauber who weigh’s in on proper bathroom etiquette and odd habits like going with the lights completely off or fancy casino bathrooms.

Ep 60: STD tests no longer needed for millennials, just ask if someones been to Coachella recently

Instagram influencers, a canceled Woodstock, and a Herpes outbreak at Coachella all describe the absolutely wild year of 2019. Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa delve into the world of pop culture for their generation including the birth of the famed “influencer” and Alyssa’s desire to become one herself. Christian’s desire to just stay at home in bed and watch a concert from home, and Maxwell’s love of the internet bringing stories like a wild bobcat attacking random golfers on a sunny afternoon to the public.

Ep 59: Morticia Raddams "Bury me like one of your French girls, right after this bout"

Maxwell, Christian, and Alyssa have on Roller Derby Athlete/Funeral Director Morticia Raddams from CT Roller Derby team Yankee Brutals. She discusses the job of being a funeral director, what it’s like to have to cremate somebody (including the fact you get to be cremated with your clothes on, who knew?) Christians top 10 playlist of bangers to be played during his cremation, and how she got into Roller Derby in CT plus details on her upcoming game on May 11th. She also discusses the game itself, the players, and the epic nicknames you get for kicking ass on roller skates.